Pacific Source Construction | MHAFB – Mountain Home Air Force Base
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MHAFB – Mountain Home Air Force Base

Mountain Home Air Force  Base

Mountain Home, ID 83647

The Gowen Field Guide was developed to provide you with some of the most-requested information about Gowen Field. Gowen Field’s mission is to support readiness of the force by serving as a training center and a support site for power projection missions. As a Total Force Training Center, Gowen Field’s primary responsibility is providing quality training facilities for reserve and active-component military forces. Gowen Field also fulfills the role as Army Power-Projection Support Platforms. Gowen Field is a ready and capable mobilization site, equipped to prepare and deploy U.S. Army Reserve, Air National Guard, and Army National Guard Units-Army and Air Guard for any contingency.

Client: MHAFB

Repair Roof Munitions Storage B3000 – March 2015 

  • Replace Roof at Storage B3000

15KV Cable – August 2016  

  • Repair underground electric power cables

Weather Stripping – December 2016  

  • Replace Weather Stripping Bldg. 1359

Lighting Project – July 2017 

  • Repair Lights and install occupancy sensors in multiple facilities.

Giant Voice Towers – July 2017 

  • Convert Giant Voice System for MHAFB from Solar Power to Electric

31V Gate – April 2018

  • Construct Vehicle Barrier/Gate at 31 V.

Street & Elementary Lighting

  • Install Street Lighting and Parking Lighting for Gunfighter Avenue and Elementary School

Roof Repair B1364

  • Demo and construction to replace roof sections in Building 1264 with new fully adhered EPDM roof membrane system that will provide adequate drainage.