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Gowen Field

Gowen Field 

Gowen Field Air National Guard Base

Boise, ID 83642

The Gowen Field Guide was developed to provide you with some of the most-requested information about Gowen Field. Gowen Field’s mission is to support readiness of the force by serving as a training center and a support site for power projection missions. As a Total Force Training Center, Gowen Field’s primary responsibility is providing quality training facilities for reserve and active-component military forces. Gowen Field also fulfills the role as Army Power-Projection Support Platforms. Gowen Field is a ready and capable mobilization site, equipped to prepare and deploy U.S. Army Reserve, Air National Guard, and Army National Guard Units-Army and Air Guard for any contingency.

Client: Idaho Air National Guard


Restoration – Complete

This project for the Idaho Air National Guard included replacing sheetrock, painting walls, electrical trim work, installing carpet, VCT, and sheet vinyl flooring, and concrete floor polishing in order to restore areas damaged by flooding in five buildings on base. A stem wall with metal studs and drywall for a command center was also installed to include electrical circuits and communication ports for security equipment.



Client: Gowen Field

AFFF Multiple Facility Improvement

  • Modifications to Hanger Fire Suppression Systems.
  • Fire protection systems improvement throughout various facilities.

Multiple Facility Repairs – February 2018 

  • Restoration of multiple facilities to include MSA complex.

Gowen Trailer Demo – March 2018

  • Demolition and Removal of two temporary facilities, T-5 & T-6.

Mega Door Repairs- May 2018

  • Repair and Inspect Mega Doors.

Bldg. 400 Chiller- May 2018

  • Remove and replace chiller assembly.