Pacific Source Construction | James A McClure Federal Building
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James A McClure Federal Building

James A McClure Federal Building

550 W. Fort Street
Boise, ID 837244

(208) 334-1361

The federal government built the James A. McClure Federal Building and U.S. Courthouse in 1966 to support the U.S. Courts and other federal agencies. It serves that purpose today. This urban-unique building flanks a historic residential neighborhood, nestled against the Boise foothills, and rests on 8.5 acres that adjoin several park-like acres owned by the Veterans Administration. The nine-floor building contains a mechanical penthouse, with seven stories above grade and a basement below grade.

The building structure includes a framework of steel girders coated with asbestos fireproofing. The exterior facade consists of precast concrete and glass, with a rubber membrane design. A geothermal water system heats the building. The air conditioning consists of two 350 ton chillers, with a free cooling loop added in 1999. Ventilation occurs through constant volume variable temperature mixing boxes with some package units for cooling conference rooms, judge’s chambers, and local area network (LAN) rooms. Building lighting features include fluorescent fixtures that have been retrofitted with parabolic reflectors, T-8 lamps, and electronic ballasts.

Projects Completed

Replace exterior LED rope lighting – June 2015
  • Remove existing light fixtures and luminaries beneath the terrazzo benches around the perimeter and replace with new LED rope lighting and drivers.


2nd Floor Ceiling Replacement – October 2015
  • Paint ceiling grid and replace acoustic ceiling tile.


4th Floor Reorganization – December 2015
  • Reorganization project involved constructing a level 5 finish wall with metal studs in order to divide a large office space into separate spaces. Completed electrical trim work, installed cabinetry, installed a door, and painted walls.


4th Floor Corridor & Conference Room TI – January 2016
  • Move furniture, wall mounted items, replace carpeting, & paint.


Courtrooms 5 & 6 AV Upgrade – March 2016
  • Remove CCTV cameras and enlarge openings, move furniture, wall mounted items, remove and replace carpeting, & paint.


Emergency Generator Replacement – November 2016 
  • Replace the two standby generators and four transfer switches.


Cooling Tower –  November 2016
  • Provide the pressure washing/cleaning preparation and painting of the Cooling Tower.


Stairwell Lighting- October 2017
  • Remove and replace the McClure building interim stairwell lighting fixtures with modern efficient fixtures that provide better lighting with less power usage.


Perimeter Security – January 2018
  • McClure Perimeter Security – Design and construction of a perimeter passive barrier system for the McClure Federal Building, Boise, Idaho